Badrinath Shrine, Kedarnath Shrine, Yamunotri Shrine and Gangotri Shrine are the religious places of national importance frequented by large number of pilgrims. UREDA has installed renewable energy systems and devices at these places so as to illuminate these religious locations as also to supplement the energy requirement by way of providing green and clean energy.

Green Power in Kedarnath

UREDA has installed a 100 KW capacity of Micro hydro project at Kedarnath Shrine which is powering kedarnath shrine and mandir samiti. UREDA is also in progress of installing another 200 KW capacity of Micro hydro project which is likely to be commission upto march 2012.

Green Power in Yamunotri

Yamunotri Shrine is being power by 2X100 capacity of Micro hydro project of UREDA which is installed at Janki chatti.

Green Power in Gangotri

The total requirement of electricity at Gangotri Shrine is being provided by UREDA from its 3X50 KW Micro hydro project. 1X20 KW MHP is under renovation. UREDA has developed a DSM programme to reduce the peak demand by using LED lights for domestic and street lighting.

Green Power in Hemkund Sahib

Requirement of electricity in Ghaghari and Hemkund Sahib is being met through microhydel scheme. UREDA has installed a 2X50 KW capacity Micro hydro project at Gangriya.