Parabolic Concentrator


cParabolic Concentrator for condensation of Cow Urine

Ayurveda has Trasure of recipes of Medicines one of the key potion is "Gomutra" (Deshi Cow's Urine). The "ark" of Gomutra is pure medicine of immense health value. Adding to the purity, we have solarized the process! to take it further towards ultimate purity.
 "Gou Tirthashram" Uttarakhand Gau Samverdhan Samiti Koteshwarpuram, Tehri Garhwal has sheltered old disabled cows. The cow dung and cow urine is being used for economic development of organization. Organization has about 550 cow animals at its different centers. The organization preparing various medicines like Phenyl, Dettol and Incense sticks etc. with cow urine. The base of these medicines is concentrate of cow urine. The cow urine is boiled and then condensed to get Concentrate (Ark).
 The conventional system for condensation of urine is a slow process and costly affair in fuel consumption. The organization has installed 16 Sq.M. Solar Concentrator for condensation of cow urine.

Parabolic Concentrator

Components of the system and Cost

  • 16 Sq.M parabolic concentrator with accessories.
  • Stainless Steel receiver.
  • Stainless Steel header tank with accessories.
  • Cost of system is Rs. 4.25 Lakhs

Savings in terms of Electricity units and in the terms of Money

Gou Tirthashram" Uttarakhand Gau Samverdhan Samiti Koteshwarpuram, Tehri Garhwal has saved a total 7771 electrical units and Rs 33,030.00 after its installation in 1 year.

Financial incentives by MNRE GoI

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources has provided 60% subsidy i.e. Rs 1,72,400.00 after installation of this system.