Lighting DSM


  • Distribution of LED bulbs to households of village in district Haridwar UREDA with the financial support from BEE has distributed 12 W LED bulbs to the families of village Rasoolpur, District Haridwar in FY 2013-14. Around 2484 nos. of 100 Watt bulbs have been replaced with 2484 no. of 12 W LED bulbs in village Rasoolpur of district Haridwar. The expected annual energy saving is 0.95 MUs.
  • LED Village Campaign in district Nainital Under this programme replacement of 1000 incandescent bulbs (40, 60 & 100 Watt) with LED Bulbs and installation of 100 Nos. Street lights with LED fittings were sanctioned by BEE. This project has been implemented in the district Nainital. Under this project distribution of 1000 LED bulbs to the 250 Households and installation of 100 Nos. LED based Street Lights has been done in 5 villages i.e. Bargal, Garjoli, Kafalta, Jhak and Budhalakot. The electricity supply of these villages is being maintained by UREDA through a Small Hydro Project of capacity 100 KW installed at Ramgad. The 10% cost of the replacement of LED Bulbs has been borne by the beneficiaries. The BEE has provided financial assistance of Rs. 15.00 Lakhs for this project. The saving of 268640 units of electricity has been observed during last year.